About Us

Our Purpose

To Build a Better World;

With our partners, for our people, our families, our clients, and for the greater community.

To us this means delivering outstanding engineering solutions for our clients, whilst looking after our people & their families, and supporting healthy lifestyles. It means helping our people grow and develop, and constantly striving to improve our work methods and systems. It’s about delivering excellence. Getting it right the first time. We believe building a better world is about working on projects that add value to society, and delivering true value to our clients, resulting in solid return on investment.

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in control systems engineering and electrical services by challenging the status quo for project management, delivery, and success, whilst supporting and improving the wellbeing of our people, our families, and the community.

Our Mission

Exceptional service, delivery, and support, of safe, sustainable, and efficient engineering projects and infrastructure that improve the quality of life in our world.


Our Values

Our values underpin our company culture and set standards of behaviour across the team. We want to ensure Coengineer remains a great place to work and a team that people are excited to be part of. We want our clients and partners to love working with us, as we continue to grow and prosper together. Our company values are central to our success in realising our purpose, vision and mission above. 

We embrace four core values as a guide to help us stay on track:

Bring your heart illustration

Bring your heart

Own It illustration

Own It

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Stay Safe illustration

Stay Safe